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Cultural Practices

Aeration / Scarification / Verti-cutting

Treatments alone are not enough to produce a healthy, attractive and well performing sports pitch or outfield. The correct types and frequency of cultural practices are essential. Our BioTurf turf care programme includes: Aeriation - varied types and depths of aeration incl. solid tine, sarrel tine and slit tine aeration, assisting in rootzone decompaction, drainage and to ensure required gaseous exchange (Oxygen / CO2) to promote and maintain rootzone biology health. Scarification - assisting in the removal of thatch (dead organic matter) from the surface and immediate subsurface of your playing surface. Verti-cutting - assists to remove organic matter and horizontal growth during the main growing season, helping to reduce the conditions in which diseases can establish and thrive as well as removing coarser grasses and seed heads from your playing season such as from Annual meadow-grass. Regular verti-cutting throughout the main growing season encourages lateral growth, thereby helping encourage a thick, dense grass sward.

Organic Turf Maintenance


Our BioTurf organic turf care programme is a perfect solution for all grass and turf sport pitch and outfield areas. The combination of our regular cultural practices and organic treatments improves and maintains the rootzone structure and playing surface, improving health, strength/durability, appearance and performance. Providing the correct balance, our BioTurf turf care programme ensures your rootzone and plant biology, chemistry and physics are correct for the establishment and growth of fine turf grasses. Our organic turf care programme eliminates the requirement for chemical use within your maintenance programme which results in less disease, less harm to your rootzone biology and less problems with your turf playing surface.

Turf Treatments


Our regular organic turf treatments create and maintain a biologically active and healthy rootzone environment for your perennial grasses to establish and thrive in. where the required microorganisms provide natural defence mechanisms against disease, pests, dry patch and excessive thatch build up. Healthy soils contain mycorrhizal fungi which extend root systems and increase access to nutrients and water, thus helping to improve tolerance to wear and tear and extremes in weather and ground conditions. Our organic treatment applications provide your turf and rootzone with a complete fertiliser package containing various beneficial rootzone fungi (incl. mycorrhizae), bacteria and additional bio stimulants to provide a source of nutrition to grow and maintain the populations of beneficial rootzone microbes, improving soil crumb structure and promoting a healthy turf sward, designed specifically to encourage development of the soil biology diversity., promoting root depth and mass and improving plant water and nutrient uptake.