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Bio Turf Organic Bowls Green & Fine Turf Care

Our BioTurf organic turf care programme has been carefully designed to address the underlying issues in your green, overcome these and improve your green/fine turf. Many greens and fine turf areas are suffering as a result of many years of inadequate maintenance or even neglect. Over the past decades there has been an unhealthy culture within the greenkeeping industry of applying chemicals and applying unnecessary sand top-dressing and lack of the correct cultural practices, this leaving many bowls greens and fine turf areas lacking the micro-biology and diversity required to produce healthy rootzones to host a healthy grass plant. As a result we find many bowls greens and fine turf areas suffer from the same problems and issues: poor turf growth - lack of root depth/mass - poor root zone biological diversity - excessive thatch (organic matter) - dry patch (LDP) - prone to disease & pest damage - slow/heavy play with poor swing and or performance Now is the perfect time to start putting this right! Our BioTurf annual bowls green maintenance and turf care programme combines the correct balance of cultural practices incl. verti-cutting, scarification, varied aerations, mowing and our organic treatment applications throughout the year to reintroduce micro-biology back into your rootzone (and then support it), whereby we can then overcome, reduce and manage the problems in your green/fine turf. Our BioTurf treatments contains (amongst other treatments) extract produced from the highest grade organic vermicompost, containing the required beneficial soil microbes, plant available nutrients and minerals. Our regular organic treatment programme is used as a fertiliser, rootzone re-builder, turf and rootzone conditioner, and works as natural pest and disease control. Our BioTurf treatment is a living product and is full of dormant micro-organisms, that are ready to wake up and start working by repairing degraded soils, and recycling nutrients and minerals into organic state for the plant consumption. The extract is organic and chemical free, therefore is safe to use around humans, pets and in environmentally sensitive areas. 1. Feeds the rootzone, plants and micro-life. 2. Naturally protects plants from pests and disease. 3. Regenerates the rootzone by repairing and improving its health. 4. Encourages a thicker, denser turf sward for improved playing performance Some of the benefits from our regular BioTurf Treatments are: - Improved rootzone fertility and crumb structure - Improved humus levels - Improved thatch (organic matter) degrading and recycling into beneficial organic matter - Stimulated germination and grass plant growth - Improved metabolism of micro-organisms - Improved P, K, Fe, Cu, Zn, Ca uptake - Improved mineral and vitamin content in grass plant - Improved root growth and mass - Improved natural plant resistance to pests and diseases - Available source of humic, fulvic acids, growth enzymes, vitamins and minerals - Improved resistance to drought and frosts The results of our BioTurf programme can be seen both visually in the improvements in your green/fine turf surface along with rootzone core analysis. For more details please contact us via our contact form or by telephoning 01702 613960 or emailing

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