Spring is just around the corner

With spring just around the corner now is the perfect time to start preparing your lawn for the forthcoming growing season!

Following yet another mild and very wet winter many lawns are suffering a variety of problems from wide spread moss, poor turf density and severe damage from pets such as leatherjackets and chaffer grubs……..

So what can you do?

The following steps will help ensure your lawn gets the best possible start to the 2015 growing season:

1. Aeration (spiking)

Aeration essentially creates hundreds/thousands (depending on size of lawn) of holes in your lawn, thus helping to improve the free flow of oxygen, moisture & nutrients down into the root zone where it is essentially required by the grass plant’s root system. The process of aeration also creates heave which importantly helps to reduce and control surface compaction.

2. Application of a winter turf conditioner & moss killer

At this time of year we apply a combination of a liquid seaweed turf conditioner which helps promote a healthier turf & root system -as well as helping to improve turf colour & vigor and a soluble iron moss killer which kills off and controls moss in your lawn as well as helping to harden the cell walls of the grass pant – thus helping to improve disease resistance and tolerance to the colder & damper winter weather.

3. Application of an insecticide

This really does ‘what is says on the tin’ – Controlling & reducing the population of any leatherjackets, chaffer grubs or ants present in the turf & root zone, which otherwise if left untreated will (if not already) go on to feed on the root system of the grass plant damaging it and eventually killing off the grass in your lawn!

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